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Online Resources

Infant Care:

Newborn's First Week

Attachment Parenting: 

Attachment Parenting International


Jack Newman

La Leche League

Mother to Baby Medication Fact Sheets


Developmental Milestones: 

Wonder Weeks


Doulas of North America (DONA) International

Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association

Postpartum Depression:

Postpartum Progress

Local Resources

(Los Alamos/White Rock) 

First Born program

Balanced Momtality (pelvic floor Physical Therapist)

Family Strengths Network

Lactation Consultants:

Gina Peterson at Rose Petal Nursing Mother Support

Gretchen Poulson at First Born

Breastfeeding Support:

Rose Petal Nursing Mother Support

La Leche League of Los Alamos


Samantha D'Anna Photography

Jessica Booten Photography

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