Overnight Postpartum Support - $20 per hour

In-home support for you and your newborn, allowing you and your partner to sleep. Services also include breastfeeding assistance, newborn care, guidance for healthy sleep and birth processing, and community referrals.

Daytime Postpartum Support - $20 per hour

In-home support for you and your newborn. Services include breastfeeding assistance, basic food preparation, light housekeeping, newborn care, sibling care, running errands, guidance for healthy sleep and birth processing, and community referrals.

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Eco Baby Consultation - rates starting at $30

Assistance to create goals for your home (including nursery or playroom/toy safety tips) or to create an eco-friendly, natural baby registry. Providing information for natural cleaning products, skin and body care products (specific product recommendations, where to buy, etc.) or recipes to make at home.

Infant Sleep Education - $75 to $250

In-depth discussion of Client Consult Form followed by the creation of a custom Sleep Strategy Package for your family based on the science of sleep. Phone and e-mail support for two weeks after your consultation.

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Prenatal/Postnatal Fitness

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Aromatherapy Consultation - $60

One hour discussion in person or via e-mail, phone or Skype (or combination of all) to address specific concerns or questions regarding how best to utilize essential oils for yourself and your family. Recommended instructions and resources will be sent in writing. One oil or custom blend of oils included in initial consultation.